At EI Sturdza we strive to ensure the highest level of oversight is provided to our investment portfolios, such oversight includes a review of each investment portfolio on a periodic basis from an ESG perspective. Such analysis is supported by Morningstar with access to their sustainability metrics.

At a high level EI Sturdza’s ESG review process consists of two components:

1. Initial screening of the investment portfolios using Morningstar’s sustainability metrics;

2. Active dialogue with the appointed Investment Adviser to the portfolio - discussing any stocks that may be highlighted as part of this screening process as having a low ESG or controversy score.

The second stage above is key to our approach and allows our advisers to hold stocks where they have high conviction, ensuring they are aware of and have confidence that perceived ESG concerns are being addressed and will not have a detrimental impact on the company over the longer term.


A common proposition for our portfolio management teams is to seek out companies which offer longer term growth; as such those that are considered to contravene basic ESG principles are eliminated as the associated risk would not meet the objective of the underlying investment portfolios. Strong governance and management are always a key consideration for our Investment Advisers as part of their research process.