Our Heritage

EI Sturdza is an independent asset management business whose roots are very much with investors. Established in 1999, we are part of the Swiss private banking group led by Eric Sturdza himself.

Our heritage in the private client arena gives us a very unique point of view and consistently motivates us to put the investor at the heart of every key decision about our funds and portfolio managers. Our track record as expert selectors of portfolio management talent is testament to this ideal.

The private banking group is also extremely client focused avoiding all forms of investment banking, retail banking or any form of commercial lending. As a group, we circumnavigate the risks that caused the global financial crisis.

Private banking is a business of trust, understanding and respect, and we apply these same traditional principles to our asset management business. By understanding our client's individual needs, we can build trustful, long-term relationships.

EI Sturdza Investment Funds is our brand name and encompasses E.I. Sturdza Strategic Management Limited (EI Sturdza) as the Investment Manager for the Sub-Funds of E.I. Sturdza Funds plc and E.I. Sturdza Investments Limited (based in London), as a wholly owned subsidiary of Eric Sturdza’s private banking group.