Why EI Sturdza


To us, managing wealth is not a business, it is a profession. We grow not to maximise profits. We grow as the reward for a craft that we perform with integrity, expertise and pride. The very values which were the essence of wealth management when it started centuries ago. The very values which have guided us since our private banking origins.

Our success depends on your success. This is our meaning of partnership. And our commitment to you. This is the reason why we look after your wealth as if it were ours.



Good intentions, however, are of little value unless they are put into practice.

With that in mind, we harvest investment returns “off the beaten track” in two key respects:

  • We specialise in uncovering high-value added, alpha-focussed, high conviction investment strategies.
  • We have an innovative management model, which enables our portfolio managers to perform at their best.