Georges Gutmans presents the EI Sturdza Business Brief

In this business brief video, Georges Gutmans, managing director of E.I. Sturdza Strategic Management Limited, discusses the opportunities and challenges that affect EI Sturdza and the macro economy. Gutmans explains why he remains "cautiously positive" about the macroeconomic environment in 2016 and why he sees the biggest potential for strong stock selectors.

Further insights

December 2015

Continued upward trend in European financial markets in November

Post a strong rebound in October, European markets continued their trend upwards in November. The Fund’s benchmark, the Eurostoxx 600 Net Return posted a +2.81% return during the month. Hopes about a QE extension in Europe and progressive interest rate hikes in the US were the main drivers behind the positive market performance.  
December 2015

Fed: the markets are ready for a dovish tightening

In November, the markets were looking for clues in central banks behaviour (their speeches in the media, in particular) before the ECB meeting scheduled on 3rd December and the FOMC decision on 16th December. With China remaining a major issue and Emerging Market economies still suffering due to record low commodity prices, global growth remained a concern. Terrorist attacks in Paris added stress in both markets and the European population. In...