Japanese Equities: A Growth Opportunity

Mitsuhiro Yuasa, portfolio manager of the Strategic Japan Opportunities Fund discusses the opportunities available in the Japanese equity market.

​Yuasa comments on the following subjects:

• Fund investment objective, strategy and philosophy.
• How company ownership is an important aspect in the team's stock selecting process.
• Which stocks he is most positive about currently and why.
• The consequences of the Bank of Japan (BoJ) buying stocks.
• Can Stock Price growth result in overvaluations.
• Which sectors and stocks most benefit the profitability of Japanese companies.
• What actions are being taken regarding labour shortage and to increase productivity.

Topics discussed include:
• Finding Japanese growth quality companies.
• Jeff Bezos of Amazon.
• Labour Shortage in Japan.
• Improving Japanese manufacturing productivity.
• Japanese CPI, Inflation, Government Debt and Abenomics.
• Japan Fiscal and Monetary Policies.
• Service sector improvements, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).



Further insights

August 2018

July update

In July, the Strategic Europe Value Fund (EUR I Class) returned +2.88%. At a sector level, the main monthly contributor to alpha was Consumer Staples, mostly driven by strong stock selection, whereas the largest detractor was Health Care.