Brexit Impacts for EI Sturdza

Brexit Impacts for EI Sturdza - EU and UK Flags

EI Sturdza Strategic Management Limited (“EI Sturdza”) continues to monitor news flows with regards to the ongoing Brexit negotiations; however given the lack of any material clarity, we have planned for a “hard Brexit” whilst continuing to evaluate additional potential risks and opportunities that may arise as a result.

At present we do not anticipate that Brexit will have a significant impact on EI Sturdza’s activities or business model, having considered the following:

  • Ensuring our Investment Advisers adopt a prudent approach to the likely disruption that will be caused by Brexit;
  • EI Sturdza Investment Limited (EISIL), our UK based subsidiary, which focuses on distribution within the UK and EU. As a result of Brexit, the UK team will be able to benefit from dual employment opportunities between EISIL and our sister company Eric Sturdza Management Company (ESMC) which is based in Luxembourg. All necessary documentation has been drafted and has been validated with the Luxembourg regulator, meaning that no interruption to the services provided by EISIL should be experienced.
  • The Strategic Europe Value Fund currently complies with the French PEA (Plan d'épargne en actions) regime. The implications of Brexit on PEA are being closely monitored and different options are being investigated.

EI Sturdza is the Investment Manager to the EI Sturdza Funds PLC (EIS PLC), which is an Irish UCITS Fund. Lofoten, a London based Investment Manager is appointed as an Investment Adviser to the Strategic Europe Value Fund and Strategic Global Quality Fund.

From a Brexit perspective, having a UK based Investment Adviser appointed to the Irish UCITS does not necessitate a change to our business model, as we have many non-European companies as part of EIS PLC’s Investment Adviser line-up.

Should you require any additional information regarding our current positioning with regards to Brexit, please contact

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December 2018

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