Mitsuhiro Yuasa

Fund Manager
Mitsuhiro Yuasa, Portfolio Manager of EI Sturdza Strategic Japan Opportunities Fund, EI Sturdza Investment Funds

Managed Funds 

Fund Manager Details

Mitsuhiro has over 26 years investment experience and co-founded Rheos in 2003 following a career at Rothschild Asset Management and Gartmore Asset Management. He has extensive experience managing foreign institutional and domestic pension clients. Further Mitsuhiro has superior analytical, knowledge and management skills in relation to emerging growth stock portfolios and equity strategies, with a deep understanding of the Japanese and global asset management industry. To find our more about EI Sturdza's Japan equity offering, watch Mitshuiro's video interview here

Based in: 

Tokyo, Japan


Daisuke Kurioka 
Senior Analyst

Daisuke has 4 years investment experience. He graduated from the New York State University (Albany) in 2009, before joining Okasan Securities in 2010. Daisuke joined Rheos in March 2013.

Hideto Fujino 
Chief Investment Officer

Hideto co-founded Rheos Capital Works in 2003 following a career at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Jardine Fleming (currently JP Morgan Asset Management) and Nomura Asset Management. He has served as CIO of Rheos since its creation.

He has extensive experience managing local and foreign pension funds and domestic investments trusts.

Hideto is well known as the leading Japanese expert on new and emerging growth company investing. Hideto holds the CMA, is a Fellow of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Academy and is a lecturer at the Meiji University.

Hisashi Yatsuo 
Senior Analyst

Hisashi has 11 years investment experience, having formerly worked for Optimal Fund Management and Mitsubishi UFJ Securities.

Hisashi joined Rheos in February 2013.

Shota Watanabe 
Senior Fund Manager

Shota has 19 years investment experience, having joined Daiwa Asset Management in 1997 as an analyst/fund manager including Japanese small cap funds and joined Rheos in February 2006.

Yasuto Sasaki 

Yasuto has 10 years investment experience. He graduated from California State University in 2006. Yasuto started his career as an analyst at a consulting firm, before joining Rheos in 2009. In 2013 Yasuto moved to a long / short Japanese hedge fund, before returning to Rheos in 2016.